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In Conversation With Par Lundqvist | Neuw Denim

by Yoeri Khyrian Jonker / posted on 07/28/2015

From selling denim to four years as the product developer at Lee; everything in Par Lundqvist’s life has been building up to the start of his brand Neuw. Par breathes passion for denim, with his archive of vintage denim to decennia of experience in the denim industry. For this “In conversation with” we speak with this intruiging denimhead about his love for denim and the future of Neuw.

We read somewhere that you have an archive of an unimaginable amount of 3000 denim items. How did you find all these rare items, and which might be the rarest of them all?

It’s funny you say that: I have about 3.500 vintage jeans and jackets, some that even go back to the 18th century. The most expensive jeans I currently own were found in a goldmine somewhere in Nevada, America. The goldmine was closed in 1907, and then reopened in 2007. It was at the reopening that they found these jeans, which must have been there for at least a 100 years.

Do you by any chance remember your first denim item?

When I was 12 years old, I saved up all my pocket money to buy my first black Levi’s 501′s. To think of it, I’ve always worn black jeans, despite my love for indigo.

And what’s your favourite denim item now?

We now have the Neuw Iggy, a very skinny jeans that I bought in a black wash. I probably wear that the most these days.

You have worked for a big denim brand for a long time. How is a small, upcoming denim brand like Neuw different from that?

Big brands can create great products, but in the end it’s all about margings and profit. It’s about business, without passion for the actual product. The nicest thing about being an independent denimbrand is that you won’t have to compromise without any external investors. Our priorities lie with the product.

So what can we expect from Neuw in the future?

That we’ll keep making great jeans. Our goal from the first day was to bring the old denim culture back to the 21st century. We make references to old vintage pieces, but only to get back the crafts, the quality and attention to detail that resulted from a longduring productionprocess. We will always try to do what we do better; retro has never really been our thing.

What we also want to do more is to collaborate with talented bands and musicians that fit the brand, so they could be the muses for new inspiring and cool collections!

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