Custom Honda CLR125 City Fly

by Lars Tibben / posted on 07/07/2015

Honda CLR 125 City Fly, this bike comes from the Dream Wheels Heritage garage in Portugal. Originally is it a sassy urban bike to be enjoyed easily in the city and in flat areas because its 125cc engine was not designed for a sporty driving, but to be economical and reliable in daily use. This type of bike was and still remains the model of choice for courier delivery of pizzas, couriers, and so on. It was there that we find out the base: Acquired in 2001 with zero miles, was Pizza Hut man, he bought this specific model to work because still had no licence card for motorcycles and needed to be able to work with “Pizza Hut ” team (although he sold this bike to Dream Wheels Heritage and took lessons to get the licence card to his new motorcycle Honda NX400).

On the engine, Honda CLR125 CityFly uses the same as the 124cc Honda XLR125, which means it’s an old block, but already proved to be extremely durable and reliable one.


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