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Prouvé RAW Office Edition

by Lars Tibben / posted on 04/15/2015

Last night, during the International Salone del Mobile 2015 in Milan, collaborators G-Star RAW, Vitra, and the Prouvé family launched the second series of the Prouvé RAW furniture collaboration: Prouvé RAW Office Edition. 

From 14th – 19th April, visitors were invited to view the pieces at the newly opened G-Star flagship store in Via Dante. The limited-edition series revives a selection of furniture and lighting originally designed by Jean Prouvé in the 1940s for the offices of major French industrial companies.

More than 70 years after their initial creation, Vitra has reinterpreted Jean Prouvé’s furnishings in cooperation with the designer’s family in order to meet the demands of the modern office and its users – from increased human height to cable management. Colours and details were developed by Vitra in collaboration with art directors at G-Star. The ten-piece series brings a contemporary look to Prouvé’s designs while remaining true to the originals, as his daughter Catherine Prouvé explains:

In my eyes, the cooperation between G-Star, Vitra and my family is something unique that fosters a new energy. I am convinced that my father would have very much appreciated this reinterpretation of his designs and the way this collaboration brings the collection back to its roots in the office. I like the fact that this edition honours my father’s original design, while complementing it with contemporary details. This follows his understanding of design, which he regarded as a dynamic process. To him design was a never-ending evolution, constantly striving to respond to changing needs.

Orders for Prouvé RAW Office Edition may be placed as of May 2015.

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