Yamaha XV950R

by Lars Tibben / posted on 08/10/2015

Now Yamaha is opening the door to the world of customization to every rider with the new XV950R– a bobber that encapsulates the character and personality of those original back street creations in a new neo retro Japanese look with a sharp edge.

Compact and stylish with a low seat height, the XV950R delivers a sporty ride while retaining the character that is a critical part of owning such an individual machine. Yamaha’s flat line style and use of exposed metal accentuates the bike’s pure simplicity while the V-twin motor provides spirited performance. The XV950R takes the relaxed attitude of a bobber and injects an element of sporting ability with upgraded suspension.

2015-Yamaha-XV950R-EU-Matt-Grey-Detail-011 2015-Yamaha-XV950R-EU-Matt-Grey-Detail-010 2015-Yamaha-XV950R-EU-Matt-Grey-Detail-001 2015-Yamaha-XV950R-EU-Matt-Grey-Detail-003 2015-Yamaha-XV950R-EU-Matt-Grey-Detail-006 2015-Yamaha-XV950R-EU-Matt-Grey-Detail-009

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